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General Terms and Conditions for using the website rty-design.com

Please read these Terms of Use carefully before using the website rty-design.com.

The website rty-design.com is owned by R Pavlova & Y Yankov.

These Terms and Conditions are an agreement between you (as users and / or visitors) and rty-design.com regarding the terms under which rty-design.com offers information, software, products and services provided on or through rty-design.com. By using this Website and the services offered you agree to be bound by all of these General Terms and Conditions. If you do not agree to these terms or parts of them you must not use rty-design.com or the services offered through the website.

Users under the age of 18 must provide explicit consent from a parent / guardian, for use this website.


USER’ is any individual who has ever used the services of the website rty-design.com only for personal use with a non-commercial purposes, provided that it is complied with all copyrights and related designations.

SERVICE / s’ on the website we offer access to the websites of the information resources / data;

PARTNER‘ is any person with whom rty-design.com is in a contractual relationship, and who has the right to provide additional information about their services to the website’s users.

MALICIOUS THIRD PARTY ATTACKS‘ – action or inaction of third parties that violate the rules of Internet ethics, including but not limited to DoS (Denial of Service), intrusion, deface, data theft, etc.

USE‘ of rty-design.com means actions such as: clicking on links, entering information, using the content or browsing.

‘PROCESSING OF PERSONAL DATA‘ means an operation or operations performed by automatic or non-automatic means, such as: collecting, recording, organizing, storing, blocking, retrieving or destroying data about the users of the Website.

Purposes of the General Conditions

These General Terms and Conditions are intended to regulate the relationship between the owner of rty-design.com and the users of the website regarding the use of the website and the services provided or advertised on it.

Processing of Personal Data

The personal data of the users is collected and processed in compliance with the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016.

We make efforts to protect our users’ personal data against unauthorized processing. The relevant technical and organizational measures for protection of the personal data, according to the level of risk, are taken.  For more information about our Privacy Policy, please see our Privacy page.

Rights and Obligations of the Parties

By using the website rty-design.com, users have the opportunity to access the information published on the site.

Users have the right to contact the website owner.

Users are not allowed to generate too much traffic to the website or to overload the traffic on the site.

Users are not allowed to disable or disrupt the functionality of the website and to carry out malicious attacks.

The type and specifics of the possibilities using the website can be changed by its owner unilaterally.

The users may use the services of the website only for personal / non-commercial purposes in compliance with applicable law and the requirements set out in these General Terms and Conditions.

The content of the website is determined by the owner of rty-design.com and the owner has the right to change any of the website content at any time, at their discretion, including adding and / or removing sections and / or materials etc.

The owner of rty-design.com reserves the right to make changes to these Terms and Conditions at any time by promptly posting these changes on the site.

Access to the website may be temporarily suspended or restricted in order to maintain it or introduce new services. Due to the nature of the Internet, uninterrupted access cannot be guaranteed.

The website rty-design.com may provide the collected statistical information about the site traffic to advertisers / advertising agencies that keep statistics on clicks and other actions of users on their advertising banners and links, to compile internal statistics, as well as for the purposes of direct marketing (their own and of Partners).

The website rty-design.com has the right (but not the obligation) to use cookies. Cookies are used in order to optimize and ensure full and quality use of the site’s functionality. More information about our Cookie Policy can be found here.

By accepting these General Terms and Conditions, the User also agrees with the use of cookies and other technologies for direct marketing purposes without profiling (non-targeted banner advertising).

Sending information about changes of the Terms of Use of the site is not considered direct marketing.

The site rty-design.com does everything possible to maintain accurate and up-to-date information, without excluding the possibility of accidental and non-intentional inconsistencies or omissions. The website and its owners or admins are not responsible for the consequences, including any damages caused by or related in any way to the access, use or inability to use this site. All information on the site is provided in accordance with applicable law, without warranty by rty-design.com for its integrity and safety from malicious attacks by third parties.

The site rty-design.com and its owners or admins are not responsible for the personal perceptions and interpretation of the accuracy, completeness and usefulness of the information resources of the site.

The website owners are not responsible for the information (including its completeness and accuracy) contained in other/ third-party websites which rty-design.com may contain links to.

The owner of rty-design.com is entitled to compensation for all damages, costs and claims of third parties, which result from a violation of these Terms and Conditions and / or from unauthorized use of this website’s services.

We reserve the right to decide whether to provide data about the user, to remove or limit user actions which we consider unacceptable, or if there is suspected valuation of these Terms and Conditions.

The website rty-design.com is not liable for any losses or damages suffered by the users as a result of force majeure or circumstances beyond our control – such as temporary interruption of access to the website due to technical reasons and others.

Third party websites

The website rty-design.com contains links (hyperlinks) to other websites maintained by third parties. The site is not responsible for the legality, completeness, accuracy and relevance of the content or information resources of third parties to which links from this site point, nor for the lawfulness of these third parties’ activities.


All content and visuals, such as text, photos, audio / video materials, logos, graphics, captions and other resources uploaded on the site are subject to copyright under Bulgarian and world law – The Law on Copyright and Related Rights and the Code of Private International Law,  as well as the EU Copyright Regulations. Their copying, sharing, reproduction, distribution, broadcasting, transmission, modification or use in any other way, leads to copyright infringement and is subject to prosecution and the violators are criminally liable within the meaning of the Criminal Code of the Republic of Bulgaria.

Limitation of liability

The information, software, products and services available through the website may contain inaccuracies and technical errors. The site rty-design.com and/ or its providers may periodically and at any time make improvements and changes to the website.

INFORMATION, SOFTWARE, PRODUCTS, SERVICES AND GRAPHICS ARE PROVIDED FOR USE WITH LIMITATION OF LIABILITY. The site rty-design.com and its suppliers are not responsible for the accuracy, reliability and availability of information, software, products, services and graphics contained on the website rty-design.com for any reason. We claim no expert knowledge in any subject. rty-design.com and its suppliers disclaim any obligation or liability  arising directly or indirectly from information you take from this website.

We are not liable for the following, non-exhaustively listed:

  • terminated access, loss of information and data, loss of profits or any other losses, due to the use of the website and services;
  • for delay or inability to use the website or other services through the site;
  • for the impossibility to provide services;
  • for any information, software, products, services and graphics provided on and through rty-design.com;
  • for third party advertisements which are posted on Our Website or through the Services;

We cannot guarantee that:

  • the information or services available through the website will meet your requirements or/ and will be useful to you;
  • the information and service will be accessible, uninterrupted, error-free, secure, timely. 

We shall not be liable to you for any loss or expense which is:

  • indirect or consequential loss; or
  • economic loss or other loss of turnover, profits, business or goodwill even if such loss was reasonably foreseeable or we knew you might incur it.


All disputes arising out of or relating to these General Terms and Conditions, including disputes arising out of or relating to their interpretation, invalidity, performance or termination, as well as disputes for filling in gaps in the General Terms and Conditions or adapting them to new circumstances, will be resolved by the Arbitration Court at the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry in accordance with its Rules for cases based on arbitration agreements.

If you are not satisfied with any of the elements of the site rty-design.com (any product or service) or do not agree with the clause(s) of these Terms and Conditions – you should stop using rty-design.com.